VIN decoder for most 1960-1980 American cars & trucks

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why ?

Why not ? Sure its easy to find VIN decoders for popular cars.
But good luck finding VIN info on something like a 1979 Ford LTD !
My goal here is to make one-stop-shopping for pre-1981 VIN info.

What causes a VIN to decode wrong (or not at all) ?

Primary cause is typos like putting in the letter O instead of the number 0,
or putting in dashes or spaces. Another cause is lack of information on
my part. I'm still working on 1960-1980 Fords because its difficult for
the program to figure out what year the car is. Similar issues exist for
AMC. Most of my info on Mercury is pretty spotty so some decode great
while others give bogus info. My latest challenge is making 1976 Ford trucks
decode properly since their serial range overlaps 1967/1968.

What does it decode ?

So far I have it doing:
1950-1980 Ford/Edsel cars
1960-1980 Mercury cars
1958-1980 Lincoln cars
1951-1980 Ford trucks
1959-1961 Plymouth cars
1962-1980 Mopar cars
1970-1980 Mopar trucks
1966-1980 AMC cars
1971-1980 Jeep
1955-1980 Chev cars
1954-1980 Buick cars
1964-1980 Olds cars
1964-1980 Pontiac cars
1960-1980 Cadillac
1960-1980 Chev trucks
1960-1980 GMC Trucks
1966-1980 International Harvester

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